B Series Deep Rotor Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

M&C's B series VSI crusher is distinctive on account of its crushing process. Whereas most other forms of crusher use metallic parts to crush rock, M&C B series VSI crusher uses the rock fed in to the machine to crush itself. This autogenous crushing procedure produces the best-shaped aggregate on the market place today.

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  • 1.Advanced double pump oil lubrication program minimize the upkeep frequency.
  • 2.High precision roller bearing, smooth major unit running, and extended service time.
  • 3.Hydraulic lift cap, simple and convenient replacement and maintenance.
  • 4.Over vibration alarm technique.
  • 5.Special dust proof seal system, outside powder is prevented from entering nozzles.
  • 6.Unique feeding system, modify between central feeding and central feeding with cascade feeding tends to make "rock on rock" and "rock on iron" potential, each crushing and shaping are accomplished.
  • 7.Particular material throw head style and reasonable material choice prolong the service time.

Sand Making Machine In M&C

M&C sand producing machine manufactured sand can be a purpose-made crushed fine aggregate created from a suitable supply material and made for use in concrete or road building. Only supply components with suitable strength, durability and shape qualities are regarded.Production generally includes crushing, screening and possibly washing. Separation into discrete fractions, recombining and blending may possibly be important.Manufactured sand might be utilized to replace a significant proportion of all-natural sand with no substantial loss of functionality in cement-based goods. Reported expertise has shown that most manufactured sands in Australia usually are not made use of because the only supply of fine aggregate in most concrete mix designs. Manufactured sand may be tailored for use in concrete, tile, asphalt, or masonry production.