Hammer Mill

The high high quality and know-how inherent in M&C hammer mills are backed by over 30 years' encounter in the feed milling as well as other connected industries all over the world. The needs of grinding a sizable selection of distinctive items have led towards the development on the hammer mills, that are adaptable to practically any objective, irrespective of regardless of whether coarse or fine grinding is required, e.g. raw supplies for the production of mineral, gold ore, iron ore and biomass merchandise, just like wood flakes, straw also as other surplus supplies.

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Features and rewards:

  • 1.Higher production capacity, higher crushing ratio.
  • 2.Low energy consumption, uniform particle size.
  • 3.Uncomplicated structure, easy to operate.
  • 4.Low investment expense, effortless management.


M&C hammer mill has several applications in distinctive industries. Hammer mills carry out about the principle that most supplies will crush, shatter, or pulverize upon influence using a uncomplicated 4 step operation. Material will possibly be fed in for the mill chamber by gravity. It really is also suited to size reduction applications inside the ?our milling, oil milling, and food processing industries also as in other production industries.

Hammer Mill

The material passes by way on the feed opening into the striking arc of the rotating hammers.The hammers fling the material against the grinding ledges together with the grinding wall, from where it rebounds back against the hammers.This approach is con stantly repeated along with the impact from the pieces of material becoming crushed against 1 a further reduces the material even more finely. This course of action guarantees that the feed material is crushed for the preferred resolution size.The material is broken down till it may well leave the curved grinding area via the increasingly narrower gap amongst the grinding wall plus the rotor.To influence the solution size, the circumferential speed inside the rotor too because the distance in amongst the grinding walls along with the beater circle could be varied. The rotation direction using the rotor is reversible.