PF Series Impact Crusher

M&C PF series impact crushers depend on impact rather than compression to fracture materials. Within the crushing chamber, horizontal hammers are fixed to a fast-revolving rotor. The hammers redirect falling rocks to forcefully collide with internal put on plates on swing beams. Rocks are further fractured by means of high-impact collisions with each other. Inside the optimally-designed impact crushers from M&C, the position of the swing beams in relation to the rotor generates far more crushing space and permits for more substantial feed sizes, which means these units might be made use of as correct primary crushers in soft stone and recycling applications. PF series impact crushers from M&C are distinguished for their high reduction ratios and excellent finish items with only a minimal percentage of oversized fractions.

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  • 1.High efficiency and power conservation;
  • 2.No-board connection;
  • 3.Chrome hammer and unique impact plate;
  • 4.Cubical shape of final item and also the output size is adjustable;
  • 5.Easy upkeep.


M&C PF series impact crusher has been made with distinctive blow bar and higher chromium plate hammer providing more substantial reliability. It has been improved adjustment operation and minimized upkeep. It shows incomparable impactiveness in primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and recycling applications. It is fairly suitable for crushing limestone, marble, mica, basalt, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, coal, concrete, cement and so on.