S Series Cone Crusher

M&C's S series cone crusher is broadly employed in industries like construction, road building, iron ore extraction, chemistry and so forth, to crush a lot of sorts of mid-hard or difficult rocks and ores just like iron ore, limestone, granite, basalt, quartz etc. The typical ones are applied for intermediate crushing; the medium ones are applied for fine crushing; plus the short head ones are made use of for super thin crushing. Together with the improvement of the series of CS Series spring cone crusher, their structure is much more perfect and the engineering parameter is more advanced, so these crushers have superb overall performance inside the aspects of manufacture, installation, use and upkeep etc.

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  • 1.Higher capacity and much less put on expenses.
  • 2.Wide selection of application suitability.
  • 3.Easy to preserve, lessen the downtime and servicing fees.
  • 4.Stable running performance and simple operation.
  • 5.Stable bevel wheel transmission device.
  • 6.Balanced run-out rotation ensures very best capacity.
  • 7.Proper operation, continuously load till the machine shut down scheduled.

Structurer of Cone Crusher

A cone crusher essentially consists of a cone-shaped mantle describing a conical motion inside a cone-shaped bowl.As the mantle rotates, new rocks are accepted in the feeder into the chamber where they are crushed because the are nipped between mantle and bowl. For every single stroke,the rocks move downwards and ultimately leave the crusher in the bottom. The closed side setting (CSS) will be the smallest distance among mantle and bowl at the outlet and is,with each other with the rotational M&Ceed in the mantle, the key manipulated variables.