Vibrating Feeder

M&C GZD series vibrating feeder manufactured by our firm is really a new-type vibrating feeder specially developed for uniformly conveying bulk supplies ahead of the medium crushing and coarse crushing procedure .This sort of feeder adopts a structure using the double-eccentric-shaft exciter, which ensures the equipment to bear the effect due to lump material falling, so the feeding material capability is very huge. In the process of production, the lump and particle material might be fed in to the material receiving device from the storage bin uniformly, often and continuously, so as to avoid the technique halting, therefore, the service life in the equipments is prolonged.

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  • 1.Flexible style.
  • 2.Extra heavy-duty construction.
  • 3.Exclusive vibrator technologies.
  • 4.Good performance-conditioning, no flushing phenomenon of materials.
  • 5.Easy upkeep and low operating cost.
  • 6.Easy to adjust and manage currency through adjusting excitation force.
  • 7.Sealing structure physique is employed, no pollution.


M&C GZD series vibrating feeder is broadly employed for grading and screening materials. Our vibratory feeder matches crushing and screening machines in quite a few areas, for instance metallurgical sector, coal mining, mining-selecting, developing ,chemical and grinding industry, etc.