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Areas of expertise

Arts & cultures
Human & social sciences
Geopolitics & history
Technical & legal

Arts & cultures

'House Of Horrors: Four Thoughts Beyond The Performative Moment', an analysis of the work of art 'House Of Horrors' by Elaine Sturtevant, by Jill Silverman, for the Sprengel Museum

'Man in the Anthropocene (as portrayed by the film Gravity)', by Stephanie Wakefield for May

Album reviews for the record label Normandeep Blues

Album reviews for

Geopolitics & history

'To the edge of Kurdistan', a news story by Matt Cetti-Roberts for Ulyces

Letters M and N of a dictionary of military terms, with several colleagues

Texts about the history of the French invasion of Russia in 1812, with a colleague

Texts about the history of French postage stamps, with a colleague

Human & social sciences

'Anonymous: From The Lulz To Collective Action, by Gabriella Coleman, for OWNI

'Our Weirdness Is Free', by Gabriella Coleman, for May magazine.

'Catholics and sexual changes in Flanders', an essay by Wannes Dupont featured in 'Sexual revolutions', a book by Gert Heckma and Alain Giami, (ed. La Musardine)

An essay about social software for Bruno Salgues, researcher at Télécom & Management Sud Paris

More translations

Technical & legal

I also translate in the following fields: legal, technical, environmental rehabilitation, human resources, tourism, advertising material, websites, SEO keywords... please feel free to contact me if you want to read the rest of my CV, I will reply as soon as possible.

Data protection

Upon the signature of a NDA, I undertake to protect all of your documents. They will be stored in an encrypted folder which will be overwritten at the end of the project, and if need be, I can work with a Linux distribution which I will unsinstall as soon as the project is completed.

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